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Your Wellness Professionals


Personal Trainer
Hypertrophy | Strength & Conditioning | Daily Life Improvement

Brandon’s motto when it comes to training is as follows. “Give the client a good workout, teach them along the way, and keep them away from injury.” Not only will he work with you to create the perfect program to reach your goals. He aims to give you the confidence to take control of your fitness journey. When you have the confidence and knowledge to reach your goals the journey isn’t as scary or as daunting as it seems. 


Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer

Corrective Exercise | Mobility and Resistance Training | Mindbody Movement

Kristina’s sequence into functional fitness was a natural transition. As a modern dancer who found herself constantly self-rehabbing injuries big and small, she quickly started exploring other movement training modalities. She found alleviation from therapeutic exercise techniques, mobility training, self myofacial release, core integration, corrective exercise, strength training, yoga and meditation. This practice built upon her technical understanding of anatomy and expanded her kinesthetic awareness connecting to a mindful movement approach. Kristina believes varied types of movement and training are essential. She offers a cross training mindset because it’s a great way to learn about the body from new perspectives. She loves the idea that you can still practice the mindfulness of yoga while lifting weights or pulling on a band. Kristina is a Movement Educator, certified Personal Trainer, certified Yoga Instructor, certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist. 

Julia Hunter

Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer

Flexibility Training | Biomechanics | Resistance & Strength

Julia grew up as an athlete and yogi who then became an avid gym goer while taking exercise science classes in high school. She has stayed true to her love of weight lifting and aerobics training for the last 6 years and recently expanded her knowledge by getting certified in personal training. Additionally, she is working towards a certification in yoga fundamentals, nutrition and strength and conditioning. With all considered she strives to find calm everyday, expanding her knowledge of barre and building meaningful connections through fitness, music and plants. 


Licensed Massage Therapist

Sports Massage | Deep Tissue | Chair Massage

Joey became a massage therapist because he wanted to help people recover and perform better. He has worked with a variety of clients from professional athletes to people that go to the gym recreationally. Joey uses his expertise in sports massage and other deep tissue techniques to help his clients to reach their goals whether that's working through specific issues or maintaining a healthy body. As someone who shares a passion for fitness and wellness, he understands how important a good massage is.


Licensed Massage Therapist 

Deep Tissue | Sports Massage | Chronic Pain

For 10 years, Korey‘s focus has been to help the body heal mentally and physically. Using a mix of techniques that range from medium to deep pressure, he’s able to pinpoint trouble spots along with hidden exit pains. Each session is handled with the highest level of care, professionalism, and thoroughness. As a graduate of a top-tier massage school like Cortiva Institute, Korey understands how to educate clients on the true benefits of massage therapy.


Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Neck, Back, & Pelvic Pain | Aging Adults | Neurological Conditions

Acacia has dedicated her life to learning about the human body and physical health ever since she started running at age nine. Her journey led her to Saint Francis University, where she competed on the Cross Country and Track and Field teams while studying for her Doctorate of Physical Therapy, which she obtained in 2019. Acacia is an avid yogi and incorporates yoga and mindfulness into her treatment sessions in order to heal the body in a holistic, trauma-informed way. You will often hear her say, “I may be the expert of rehab, but you are the expert of your own body.” Acacia specializes in the spine and recently incorporated pelvic floor therapy skills into her repertoire, and is excited to treat all genders experiencing pain with penetration, bladder dysfunction, or general pelvic pain. Acacia looks forward to obtaining her yoga teaching certification to deepen her knowledge of the mindbody connection and functional mobility.



Deep Tissue | Sports Massage | Chronic Pain

For 10 years, Korey‘s focus has been to help the body heal mentally and physically. Using a mix of techniques that range from medium to deep pressure, he’s able to pinpoint trouble spots along with hidden exit pains. Each session is handled with the highest level of care, professionalism, and thoroughness. As a graduate of a top-tier massage school like Cortiva Institute, Korey understands how to educate clients on the true benefits of massage therapy.



Pain Management | Alleviate Migraines | Reduce Stress

Practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture for a number of years, Eddie is committed to promoting personal health and wellness. Our philosophy is rooted in the age old idea that balance in life equates to health and healthy living requires balance. 

Eddie is dedicated to helping people address their wellness needs. The goal is not to treat symptoms but to treat the body as a system and restore it to optimal balance. This thinking is what makes up the foundation of holistic healing and natural medicine.


Licensed Mental Health Therapist

Behavioral | Anxiety | Depression

Eriach has spent his 25 year career working with individuals and families helping them address mental health and substance use issues. Those issues may manifest in trauma flashbacks, substance or behavior addictions, anxiety, depression, or other ways. His approach is to use evidence based practices such as cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), mindfulness based practices, internal family systems, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. Pursuing that first step to mental health treatment can be difficult, but the healing and whole body health will be worth it.


When not at work Eriach is likely riding one of his bikes through the city on his way out to the Wissahickon or Fairmount Park. 

See his profile on Psychology Today


Certified Alexander Technique Teacher

Posture & Balance/ Injury Rehab / Movement Coaching

Ariel Weiss has delighted in helping people of all ages and backgrounds learn to move freely in service of their structure since 1988. Trained as a dancer and choreographer, she teaches at The Curtis Institute of Music and Temple University and previously trained teachers at the Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique.


An inveterate mover and traveler, she also teaches West Coast Swing dance and has offered Alexander workshops nationally and internationally and presented her TEDx talk: Posture myth-busting: it’s easier than you think in 2021. Ariel is a certified teaching member of ATI and an active member of ATLP (Alexander Technique Liberation Project). For more info:


Certified Pilates Instructor

Core Strength | Functional Fitness | Mindful Movement

Growing up in Brazil, Christiane competed in swimming, ballet, gymnastics, and karate. She’s continued that active lifestyle with tennis, running (competing in her first triathlon in 2005), and biking after moving to America where she worked as an Architect for more than 14 years. Her passion for Pilates developed after her two pregnancies. Not only did Pilates give her a full-body workout, it helped alleviate her pelvic and lower back pain while strengthening her core. She completed an intensive year-long apprenticeship program in New York City at the Physical Mind Institude. Now she shares her passion and knowledge of Pilates with all body types, ages, and individuals with special physical needs. 

Corporate Wellness
Team: Team
Personal Trainers


Personal Trainer

Strength & Conditioning| Sports Performance| Injury Rehab

Straight off the football field at Temple University and right into the weight room is how this story starts. Evangelos uses his B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science I'm addition to of his countless years in the weight room to develop a plan for each client he sees. Evangelos loves to make his clients feel comfortable in a gym atmosphere. Outside of the gym, you'll find him with his dog, Zoey, just enjoying life.


Wellness Director
Corporate Wellness | Recruitment | Event Hosting

Greg began his fitness career while living in Tokyo where he worked with a variety of international professionals when he wasn’t taking the distinctive culture. His passion for creating a well-rounded life inspires his commitment to pursuing both a body and a life worth bragging about. His unique experience and mellow attitude shape his versatile training style.

Massage Therapists


Personal Trainer
Aesthetics | Strength & Conditioning | Weight Loss

Will balances intensity with relatability to help transform his clients from the outside in. He believes that the journey to health and wellness is as much a mental one as it is physical, and he empowers others to push themselves past any self-imposed limitations to unlock their inner greatness. When he’s not pumping iron, you can find Will playing his guitar, listening to his favorite podcast, and meticulously weighing his food.  


Personal Trainer
Athletic Training | Enhanced Mobility | Post-Rehab

Jon uses his experience working in a Physical Therapy Center to hone his wellness and rehabilitation skills. He combines holistic wellness with functional movements to improve flexibility, balance, and mobility. Expect a comfortable and supportive atmosphere geared towards manageable progress. Don’t be surprised if he runs for the ocean to surf as soon as he leaves the gym.


Personal Trainer
Kettlebell | Strength & Conditioning | Small Group Fitness

Carla’s passion for teaching and strength combine to drive her down the path of helping others become the best versions of themselves. With an espresso in one hand and a kettlebell in the other, she will use her functional and athletic training style to create a fun and effective workout. It doesn’t take long to see that Carla truly cares about instilling confidence and crushing goals.


Personal Trainer
Enhanced Mobility | Post-Rehab | Functional Fitness

EJ comes from a background of working in a Physical Therapy Center where he learned about rehabilitation and geriatrics from health care professionals and expert trainers. Outside of the gym EJ can be found joining events around town, catching a Phillies game, or volunteering for the ALS Foundation. He makes his clients feel comfortable and supported.

Physical Therapist
Mental Health Therapist
Alexander Technique
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