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As a part of our ever-expanding service portfolio, we are happy to bring you Acupuncture. Our Acupuncturist Eddie Carvajal is an established professional who gained his credentials after leaving his position as a full-time lab technician to pursue his dreams of becoming an Acupuncturist. At Forza, we recognize that wellness is the whole package; mind and body. We want to support you in every meaningful way we can on your wellness journey. Let's work together to ease your chronic neck and back pain or to provide migraine relief. To learn more about our Acupuncture reach out to us now. All information is kept private. We will never share your personal details with anyone. Contact us today to get started with your wellness journey, or to learn more about the process. We are excited to have you join us at Philadelphia's One Stop Wellness Spot! Forza Wellness 1528 Walnut St Philadelphia PA 19102 (267) 201-0986

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