Personal Trainer & Mental Health Therapist
MH Coaching | Strength & Conditioning | Small Group Fitness

Anna uses her Masters in Social work and experience as a personal training to help clients feel strong and confident. She strives to create programming and a safe environment that tackles both body image & self-esteem through therapeutic intervention, life coaching, and personal training. When she’s not busy talking about holistic health you can find her cooking her way through cookbooks or creating playlists for friends (group fitness). 



Personal Trainer

Strength & Conditioning| Sports Performance| Injury Rehab

Straight off the football field at Temple University and right into the weight room is how this story starts. Evangelos uses his B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science I'm addition to of his countless years in the weight room to develop a plan for each client he sees. Evangelos loves to make his clients feel comfortable in a gym atmosphere. Outside of the gym, you'll find him with his dog, Zoey, just enjoying life.


Personal Trainer & Owner
Corporate Wellness | Daily Life Improvement | Nutrition

Greg began his fitness career while living in Tokyo where he worked with a variety of international professionals when he wasn’t taking the distinctive culture. His passion for creating a well-rounded life inspires his commitment to pursuing both a body and a life worth bragging about. His unique experience and mellow attitude shape his versatile training style.



Licensed Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor 

Deep Tissue | Yoga | Corporate Wellness

Kal started as a Yoga instructor and quickly discovered she wanted to help her students both on and off the mat. Her passion for understanding how the human body moves and recovers led her to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. Whether you need some deep muscle work, or just a relaxing nap, Kal will be sure to listen to the specific needs of your muscles and get you feeling recovered and rejuvenated.



Personal Trainer
Aesthetics | Strength & Conditioning | Weight Loss

Will balances intensity with relatability to help transform his clients from the outside in. He believes that the journey to health and wellness is as much a mental one as it is physical, and he empowers others to push themselves past any self-imposed limitations to unlock their inner greatness. When he’s not pumping iron, you can find Will playing his guitar, listening to his favorite podcast, and meticulously weighing his food.  


Personal Trainer
Athletic Training | Enhanced Mobility | Post-Rehab

Jon uses his experience working in a Physical Therapy Center to hone his wellness and rehabilitation skills. He combines holistic wellness with functional movements to improve flexibility, balance, and mobility. Expect a comfortable and supportive atmosphere geared towards manageable progress. Don’t be surprised if he runs for the ocean to surf as soon as he leaves the gym.


Personal Trainer
Kettlebell | Strength & Conditioning | Small Group Fitness

Carla’s passion for teaching and strength combine to drive her down the path of helping others become the best versions of themselves. With an espresso in one hand and a kettlebell in the other, she will use her functional and athletic training style to create a fun and effective workout. It doesn’t take long to see that Carla truly cares about instilling confidence and crushing goals.


Personal Trainer
Enhanced Mobility | Post-Rehab | Functional Fitness

EJ comes from a background of working in a Physical Therapy Center where he learned about rehabilitation and geriatrics from health care professionals and expert trainers. Outside of the gym EJ can be found joining events around town, catching a Phillies game, or volunteering for the ALS Foundation. He makes his clients feel comfortable and supported.

Joey Monaco

Licensed Massage Therapist

Sports Massage | Deep Tissue | Chair Massage

Joey became a massage therapist because he wanted to help people recover and perform better. He has worked with a variety of clients from professional athletes to people that go to the gym recreationally. Joey uses his expertise in sports massage and other deep tissue techniques to help his clients to reach their goals whether that's working through specific issues or maintaining a healthy body. As someone who shares a passion for fitness and wellness, he understands how important a good massage is.

1528 Walnut St. Suite 202

Philadelphia PA 19102

(267) 201-0986

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Joey Monaco

Certified Massage Therapist