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Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist
Founder | Lifestyle Coach | Body Transformation

Davide utilizes his B.S. in Nutrition along with his massage therapy and personal training expertise to bring a fully refined experience to his clients. When he’s not walking his dogs or escaping to Miami, he’s in the gym challenging himself or in the kitchen cooking up new recipes. He understands what it takes to lead a healthy life without sacrificing the fun.


Personal Trainer
Corporate Wellness | Strength & Conditioning | Aesthetic

Greg began his fitness career while living in Tokyo where he trained international professionals and worked as a fitness model when he wasn’t sightseeing. His passion for creating a well-rounded life inspires his commitment to having both a body and a life worth bragging about. His unique experience and mellow attitude shape his versatile training style.


Personal Trainer
Enhanced Mobility | Post-Rehab | Functional Fitness

EJ comes from a background of working in a Physical Therapy Center where he learned about rehabilitation and geriatrics from health care professionals and expert trainers. Outside of the gym EJ can be found joining events around town, catching a Phillies game, or volunteering for the ALS Foundation. He makes his clients feel comfortable and supported.


Personal Trainer
Kettlebell | Strength & Conditioning | Small Group Fitness

Carla’s passion for teaching and strength combine to drive her down the path of helping others become the best versions of themselves. With an espresso in one hand and a kettlebell in the other, she will use her functional and athletic training style to create a fun and effective workout. It doesn’t take long to see that Carla truly cares about instilling confidence and crushing goals.


Personal Trainer
Geriatrics | Enhanced Mobility | Post-Rehab

Jon uses his experience working in a Physical Therapy Center to hone his wellness and rehabilitation skills. He combines holistic wellness with functional movements to improve flexibility, balance, and mobility. Expect a comfortable and supportive atmosphere geared towards manageable progress. Don’t be surprised if he runs for the ocean to surf as soon as he leaves the gym.


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